Author: baderyoussef

How IoT & NEM will revolutionize healthcare – IoT & blockchain Use Case

Introduction Healthcare data security is due for a long-needed update. With patients receiving the wrong brain surgery and hospitals’ data infrastructures being hacked globally, this sector is in need of a serious technological update.  Highly sensitive information such as patient lab records or patient vitals data can be compromised by data breaches. These data security […]

Pharmaceutical, Probiotic Supplements – How to Track Pharmaceuticals on NEM – IoT and NEM Use Case

Introduction As you know, the last article I wrote was about how we could use IoT and NEM to track meat from the moment it was slaughtered to the supermarket. I will be using much of the same principes in this example, so be sure to check it out if you haven’t already. So, this […]

A basic IoT tracking solution for a local meat farm using Arduino and NEM – IoT + blockchain

This article was featured on Ambcrypto. Introduction There are a lot of blockchain and IoT companies out there. Most of them I have seen are ICOs in the funding stage. I want to see some actual tech! Today, I want to show you how local farms can use an IoT system in their business using […]